Using jsconfig for faster nextjs development

Using jsconfig for faster nextjs development

Apr 14, 2021ยท

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I spend a lot of time in NextJS projects, my whole YouTube channel is built around it. One small change to my workflow is adding a jsconfig.json file to each project.

What does jsconfig.json do?

The jsconfig.json file allows you to denote things such what module system you are using, enabling type checking, baseUrl, and paths.

How to speed up NextJS development?

Everytime I set up a NextJS project I create a jsconfig.json in the root of my directory and use the baseUrl and paths option to create absolute paths to all my important folders. This allows you to stop doing ../../../components/cool.js and type just @/components/cool.js regardless to how deep you are in the directory.

Creating your jsconfig.json

Below is an example of how I create a jsonconfig.json I set the baseUrl to . which means any folder or directory can be used as that is the root of the project.

I then set the paths for each of my folders I use frequently such as components or lib folders.

  "compilerOptions": {
    "baseUrl": ".",
    "paths": {
      "@/components/*": ["components/*"],
      "@/lib/*": ["lib/*"]

Now that this is setup you can reference your components or lib folder from any directory no matter how deep by just using @/components/cool.js. This allows you to speed up your development as you no longer need to remember how deep you are in the directory tree!

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