What I have learnt so far with Roll Your Tweet

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It has been just over 30 days since I launched @roll_your_tweet so here is things I have learnt so far from zero to SaaS in 32 days and beyond.

Code is 10%

The product / application is sub 10% of the work in the beginning. I wrote shit code, in fact a lot of it is still there. The other 90% is networking, marketing and explaining what you do to solve a problem.

Marketing is hard

Marketing is hard, so if you are indie hacking read some books on marketing. For example:

  • Zero to Sold
  • Embedded Entrepreneur
  • The Mom Test

These books will give you actionable items to follow that will allow you to get the right people in front of your SaaS

Stick yourself out there

Don’t be afraid of sticking yourself out there, at first I was a bit shy of prompting people that I had built this SaaS and I think it’s worth the time to check it out.

Talk about your product when you get a chance, especially in circles of like minded people.

The first sale is not the hardest.

They say the first sale is the hardest, I disagree… 2-100 are harder because you need people to talk about your product and one customer might not be enough.

Be an advocate, and be strategic about it.

Change, fail, repeat.

Don’t be afraid to change, fail and try again. Roll Your Tweet has been micro tweaked based on feedback from users. So talk to users, tweak, ask again!

Check it out

Want to check out Roll Your Tweet? We have a free tier that lets you roll your Twitter threads in to Markdown.

Check it out at https://rollyourtweet.com/

This was built with roll your tweet FYI! Here is the thread https://twitter.com/james_r_perkins/status/1464627656759128074

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